What is the purpose of LIFE Groups?

The purpose of LIFE Groups is to maximize and advance the Mission of Church at Briargate: "Enabling people under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to supernaturally draw close to Jesus Christ and to bring along as many others as possible."

We do this by encouraging, learning, instruction, fellowshipping, engaging, and equipping CAB members of all ages, genders, nationalities, professions, and interests. 

As expressed in our purpose statement, we are a community of Grace, a community of Love, and community of Growth, a community of Faith, a community of Hope, and a community of Worship. As such, we are committed to:

1. Being Relational through LIFE Groups: We value people of all ages, gender, interests, and backgrounds. We believe in building strong relationships.

2. Being Humble and serving with Humility: We cannot accomplish CAB mission on our own, so we humbly lead and mobilize others through LIFE Groups. We desire to always listen and learn from each other.

3. Being Solution-Minded: We are resourceful and innovative in solving problems and overcoming challenges with a positive spirit.

4. Being Helpful: We offer practical value to help CAB members become more effective in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, in the sharing of their faith with our community, and in their contribution to the needs of the body of Christ at CAB and beyond.

5. Being Servant Leaders: We build capacity of the LIFE Group Leaders so that they can exemplify godly servant leadership and influence LIFE Group members to lead and serve others within the church and their communities (Phil. 2:5-11).


LIFE Group Leadership Team

If you are interested in joining or leading a LIFE Group, contact the LIFE Group Leadership Team or email the Church Office at office@cabag.org

Jacob Kitonsa: 719-722-9901

Yolie Brown

Michelle Price

Ann Lebahn

Nikki Rainey

Darryl Proffit


LIFE Groups meet weekly, bi-weekly, and once a month. 

THE JOURNEY: 3rd Sunday evening of each month//5-8PM at the Bottoms' home

What are the basic beliefs and teachings of Church at Briargate?  Why do we share these beliefs?  Pastor Scott leads an ongoing in-depth study of the beliefs of our congregation.  Four consecutive sessions will allow you to understand the foundations of Church at Briargate.  Note: this is a requirement for membership at Church at Briargate.

The next Journey is on Sunday, May 20th from 5-8PM at Pastor Scott and Linda's Home. If you'd like to join, please sign-up here.


Deaf and Hearing LIFE Group | Sundays | 9AM | Room #1 (Downstairs)

Join Dan Shepherd, Paul Reeck, and others for a lively discussion group conducted in ASL. Discussions center around Biblical topics. All are welcome.


Young Adults LIFE Group | Sundays | 9AM | Room #8 (Pastor Mary's Office - Main Floor)

Join Cory and Kerry Schortzman for a Biblical look at issues facing today’s young adults.


That the World May Know | Sundays | 11AM | Room #1 (Downstairs)

Join Keith and Sandi King for this L.I.F.E. Group to watch the DVD series "That the World May Know" by Ray Vander Laan and Focus on the Family.


Blended Family LIFE Group | Sundays | 6-8PM | Room #1 (Downstairs) at Church at Briargate

Join Ian and Tricia LeBlanc for a discussion on Blended Families - the unique set of circumstances that each blended family faces, how to communicate and create a sustainable marriage with a blended family, and helping your children with the changes in blended family.  Come to this LIFE Group for a time of fellowship, prayer, a short video, and discussion.


Godly Marriages LIFE Group | Thursdays | 6:30PM | Scott and Shawna Bell's Home

Join Scott and Shawna Bell for a time of food (potluck style), fellowship, prayer, a short lesson with discussion on the topic of Godly Marriages.  This LIFE Group is geared towards married couples in the 30s-50s range.  Childcare will be provided, if needed! Their address is 6945 Casper Ct, 80922.


Oosthoek's LIFE Group | 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month | 5PM | Terry and Betty Oosthoek's Home

Join Terry and Betty Oosthoek for a time of prayer and fellowship! Their address is 7831 Potomac Dr.


20 Somethings LIFE Group | 1st & 3rd Monday of each month | 6:30PM | Pastor Scott and Linda's Home

Join Pastor Scott and Linda for a time of fellowship and prayer at their home! This LIFE Group is geared towards Young Adults (ages 18-29).  Their address is 6398 Butch Cassidy Blvd.


In the Gap LIFE Group | 3rd Tuesday of each month | 6:30PM | Pastor Josh and Liz's Home

This LIFE Group is specific for Seniors in High School and First Year College Students.  Contact them at youth@cabag.org for more information!