Men at Briargate Survey

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Which of these issues are most important to you? (check two most important)
Would you be interested in a monthly meeting on family issues? (parenting, relationship to wife, etc.)
When would be the best time for you to attend that meeting?
If you selected weeknight, which weeknight would be best?
What topics would you like to see addressed? (check two)
How can we best help you integrate your Christian faith into your job?
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Would a short term missions trip be of interest to you?
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What would be a good length of stay for such a trip?
Are you interested in attending our Annual Men's Retreat?
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Is the current length (Friday night - Sunday morning) good for you?
Would you prefer a shorter time?
How far are you willing to travel for a retreat?
Are you current attending a Men's Bible Study/Small Group?
If you are not in a group, would you be interested in attending a men's small group?
What would you like to see happen in the group? (choose two)
Which would you prefer for a meeting?
When would you prefer to meet?
What type of seminars would you like to see at a Men's Conference? (check three)
Would you be willing to assist in Men at Briargate ministry?
What do you or would you personally like to accomplish through involvement in Men's Ministry? (check two)
I would like someone to contact me so I can become more involved or receive more information about Men's Ministries
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Is there an area of Church at Briargate that you could be plugged into but are not? Here are some great opportunities for you: