Missions Vision


Church at Briargate

Missions Vision


Everyone Sent – Everyone a Sender


Church at Briargate Mission Statement

To enable people, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, to supernaturally draw close to Jesus Christ, and to bring as many others along as possible.


To stay consistent with the mission of Church at Briargate the missions department has adopted the following values and initiatives.

Romans 15:20-21

Missionary status is in good standing and recognized by the Division of World Missions of the Assemblies of God.

A missionary pledge is four years. Commitments will be re-evaluated at the end of the four years and should the missionary decide to change focus, field or be re-deployed with a stateside residency.

Souls being saved as top priority

  • Supporting missionaries that are going to least-reached people groups with at least 75% of missions monies.
  • We choose to use www.joshuaproject.net and other sources to help define unreached and least-reached people groups.
  • Supporting missionaries that have a lifestyle of personal evangelism
  • Supporting missionaries that can reproduce effective missionaries

The empowerment of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the mandate of evangelism

  • Missionaries that have a pnuematology of empowerment
  • Missionaries teaching and believing empowerment for personal witness


Most effective use of resources to accomplish the great commission

  • Can the local people accomplish the mission more effectively?
  • Is this mission a “front-edge” type mission?  What is the percentage of Christians in the local area? How is the missionary taking the gospel to the people that have the least accessibility to the gospel?

Missions and missionaries that are immersed in the culture they are reaching.

Church at Briargate will constantly monitor these values as missionaries and missions groups are being considered for partnering and financial support.